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17 November 2016

Today's Shiur

169;1 to 169;2 - Waiters and Smelling Delicious Food - Rabbi A Taback



10 Minute Summary

Summary for Thursday 16 Cheshvan
Mishna Berura Page 71a
Chapter 169;1
🍞Giving the waiter a taste
🍞Not giving the waiter bread if it will cause a spill
🍞Not giving a waiter bread if he has not washed


Today’s Mussar

Sefer Ahavas Chesed - Part 2, Chapter 5 - 16 Cheshvan



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Chabura Shiur

Why HaShem gave us food cravings for specific foods, and how we must live according to these cravings + Treatment of domestics


Chabura Sources